The Henry Moore Exhibition in Landerneau

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We had done a lot of walking during the past ten days and wanted a rest day so we went to Landerneau to see the Henry Moore Exhibition at the Hélène and Éduard Leclerq Foundation. The Foundation stages a major art … Continued

A walk around Landerneau

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Landerneau is an important town on either side of the Élorn River which divides the provinces of Cornouaille and Léon in Brittany. It was a significant port, even in Roman times, and in the 16C and 17C it was used to export linen and … Continued

Picasso Exhibition in Landerneau

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Every year the Fonds Hélène et Éduard Leclerc in Landerneau stages at least one major art exhibition of international stature. This year the Picasso Exhibition in Landerneau was mind-blowing – better than anything I have seen in London apart from two … Continued

Landerneau in Brittany

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Landerneau dates back to the hermitage of St Ternoc in the 7C. By the 13C it was a settlement and in the 14C the first wooden bridge was built over the river. Today Landerneau is famous for the Rohan Bridge, … Continued

Chagall Exhibition in Landerneau

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The Fondation LeClerq stages a major exhibition in Landerneau each year. Last year there was a fabulous exhibition of Giacometti drawings, sculptures, and statues, and this year I was bowled over by the exhibition of Chagall  paintings, drawings, and illustrations. By chance I had taken his … Continued

Giacometti Exhibition, Landerneau – France Day 6

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After visiting Ploudiry, La Martyre, and Pencran Churches and feeling increasingly ill, it was time for a little lunch in Landerneau. And I regret that we did not explore – on the other hand the Galettes at the Crêperie du Pont were … Continued

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