Foxley Woods in Norfolk

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Foxley Woods in Norfolk is the last remaining site of Ancient Woodland in the County, which seems rather a sad statement for what feels like quite a remote part of the country. It offers pleasant and calm walking along rides, through the trees, and across open glades and I would certainly return at any time of the year.

Car parking at Foxley Woods in Norfolk

There are three small car parks off the road between Foxley and Themelthorpe. Just choose one, leave the car, and set off down a little path to walk in a circuit around the woods.

Path into Foxley Woods
Path from the car park into Foxley Woods

Early Autumn

We visited the woods in September, in a week of gloriously warm weather. But even so the signs of Autumn were clear: bunches of bright red Guelder Rose berries hung in the sunshine, and patches of fungus.

Along the perimeter paths

A wide and clear path leads around the four sides of the woods and the Norfolk Woodland Trust1 asks visitors to keep to the path to protect the wildlife and plants deeper under the trees. Apparently parts of the woods are over 6,000 years old (but no proof given).

Perimeter path in Foxley Woods
The perimeter path in Foxley Woods
Bracken changing colour under the trees
Bracken changing colour under the trees
Foxley Woods in Norfolk
An invitation to wander off…

Wild flowers

The woods are apparently particularly beautiful in the spring when the bluebells are in flower, and bluebells are an indicator of Ancient Woodland. When we visited I spotted a corn marigold2 (am I right?) and silverweed. This is also good breeding and feeding ground for butterflies and we saw several speckled woods in particular.

Foxley Woods in Norfolk

We had visited the market in Dereham and looked at the church (more in another post) and thoroughly enjoyed a two-hour ramble through Foxley Woods in Norfolk.3

Foxley Woods in Norfolk
Another of the perimeter tracks in Foxley Woods



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