The Cairn at Barnenez

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The Cairn at Barnenez lies at on the tip of the Peninsula of Kernéléhen, jutting out into the Bay of Morlaix at the head of the Morlaix River. Curiously, the cairn was only ‘discovered’ in the 1950s as a result of … Continued

Prehistoric Anta Sao Gens in Portugal

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Between Amieira and Flor da Rosa is the Anta de São Gens – an extraordinary sight. For further information The Megalithic Portal – fantastic resource for anything prehistoric

The Alignments of Little Menec, Carnac

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I was tiring of stones but decided we had to to see the Alignments of Little Menec because I had read it was ‘magical’, and that was indeed the case. Do not miss this site if you are in the … Continued

Travel in Spain, Day 4, Castro de Barona

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We left Ribeira to drive along the Ria de Noia. The weather was deteriorating and visibility was restricted – not quite what I had in mind – and then we saw a signpost for Castro de Baroña and stopped to look. … Continued

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