The Castle of Fougeres

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The Castle of Fougères is an extraordinary sight, standing on a mound in a bend of the Nançon River and jutting out from the side of the walled, Mediaeval town. You can look down on the castle from the public gardens … Continued

Early morning in St Malo

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There are several ways in which one can travel to France – plane, train, and ferry. I enjoy the slow transition from frenetic everyday life in the UK to travelling in France which is offered by the cross-channel ferries. In … Continued

Forest walk at Beurc’hoat

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The previous day was filled with glorious sunshine this day started grey and mizzly and we decided on a forest walk. We parked at a farm in middle of nowhere and walked down a forest track, and then the Voie Verte … Continued

The Abbey of Le Releq

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The Abbey of Le Relecq was founded by Cistercian monks c.1132 in a small valley below the Monts d’Arrée. It was built on the foundations of the Abbey of Gerber, founded by St Pol in the 6C, and where the first Abbot was … Continued

Jardin Botanique et Exotique, Roscoff

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A wonderful extravagance of plants overlooks the sea on the edge of Roscoff – the Jardin Botanique et Exotique de Roscoff. The garden started in 1986 when the Department bought a rock, the Roc d’Hievec, and two enterprising gardeners set to work … Continued

The Church of Pleyber Christ

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After a walk around Le Cloître St Thégonnec there was time to explore: the Church in Le Cloître St Thégonnec itself, and then the Church in Pleyber Christ which was hidden behind the circus when we arrived in the village.

Notre Dame, Le Cloitre St Thegonnec

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The current Church of Notre Dame Le Cloître St Thégonnec is said to date from 1710 but I wonder if this is correct – parts of the building seem much older.  Like many of the Parish Enclosures the building was funded by … Continued

Landerneau in Brittany

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Landerneau dates back to the hermitage of St Ternoc in the 7C. By the 13C it was a settlement and in the 14C the first wooden bridge was built over the river. Today Landerneau is famous for the Rohan Bridge, … Continued

Walking around Plouneour-Menez, Brittany

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We felt we needed to revive our map-reading skills and so parked outside the Mairie in Plounéour-Ménez and set off on a planned circuit on to the moors, catching glimpses of the hills of our destination down the side streets. … Continued

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