The Church of St Peter & St Paul, Fressingfield

The Church of St Peter & St Paul in Fressingfield was built in the 1300s and 1400s and its South Porch dates from c.1420s, with fine flintwork and lovely carvings. The Church is in the middle of the village, on a … Continued

Ickworth House

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It seems that the Manor of Ickworth was a gift from Theodred, Bishop of London (died c.951), to the Abott of St Edmunds and in 1184 came into the hands of the de Ickworth family. A licence to create a park at … Continued

Wyken Hall Gardens

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Wyken Vineyards is more than vineyards: there is a manor house dating from 1570 with later additions, and ‘..gardens which include a rose garden, topiary, herb garden, vegetable garden, maze, dell, wild garden, nuttery and an orchard, in addition to a commercial vineyard … Continued

Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, the Milner-Gibson Estate (no.63)

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Major Thomas Gibson  (d.1807) made his fortune in the West Indies’ sugar plantations. The family return to England when Thomas Milner-Gibson (1806-84) was a baby to live in Theberton House, Suffolk. (This site has a comprehensive history of the family.)

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