Last year we visited the Museum of Numancia in Soria and so this year it was time to visit the actual site of Numancia. It was a cold, wet day but wearing several... READ MORE

San Pedro de Arlanza

In its time The Monastery of San Pedro de Arlanza was one of the most important monasteries in Castile. The oldest remains date from the 11th century, but there was already a hermitage... READ MORE


Covarrubias is about 20 minutes away from Lerma, and lies between Burgos and Santa Domingo de Silos in the valley of the Arlanza River. It is thought El Cid passed this way. READ MORE

Lerma near Burgos

Lerma near Burgos was our first stop in Spain this time and we treated ourselves to three nights in the Paradore, a spectacular Ducal palace on top of a small hill overlooking the... READ MORE


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We only had one more day in Sos and the weeks in Spain were rapidly coming to an end. I was a bit nervous about another day in the car but strapped myself into the surgical belt and we set … Continued

Monastery of Leyre

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We enjoyed a walk down the Foz de Lumbier but didn’t want to return to the Parador at Sos del Rey Catolico just yet so decided to visit the Monastery of Leyre. A brief history of the Monastery of Leyre … Continued

Foz de Lumbier

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I was feeling cautiously better and so we set off from the Parador at Sos del Rey Catolico to walk in the gorge at FoZ de Lumbier. The views from the bedroom window were gorgeous and promised a wonderful day.

A day trip from Sos

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We were settled into the excellent parador of Sos del Rey Catolico and set off for a day trip from Sos to visit Undués de Lerda, the Castle of Javier and Sanguesa. These are all places which lie in the … Continued

Sos del Rey Catolico

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Sos del Rey Catolico is a small hilltop town on the borders of Aragon and Navarre which was actually very important. We came here from Soria and as the drive had been very tiring I was more than happy to … Continued

The road from Soria to Sos del Rey Catolico

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I was slowly mending and we had both enjoyed our stay in Soria, in varying degrees. Now it was time to move on and take the road from Soria to Sos del Rey Catolico, our next stop.

Museum of Numancia

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The Museum of Numancia in Soria displays items of archaeological interest in the Province of Soria, as well as items found at the site of Numancia. It is in the centre of the town, close to the Alameda de Cervantes.

San Juan de Duero

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The Monastery of San Juan de Duero is situated just outside the walls of Soria. It is a ruined Mediaeval monastery founded by the Knights Templar in 1134 on the banks of the River Duero and finally abandoned in the … Continued

The River Duero in Soria

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Soria lies on the River Duero which becomes the River Douro in Portugal, debouching into the Atlantic at Porto. The river is 897 kms long, rises in the mountains north of Soria, and meanders across Spain until it crosses the … Continued

Sights in Soria

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During the week in Soria I managed short walks of perhaps forty minutes and during the time managed to see some of the sights in Soria, although not with any great degree of understanding. I will put it right next … Continued

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