Northern Spain in 2022

It was a wonderful trip round Northern Spain in 2022, if somewhat fraught at times, but we did it! Santander We were sad to leave Northern Spain in 2022 but already starting to... READ MORE

Parador of Limpias

The stay in Sos del Rey Catolico was wonderful. The Parador was very comfortable, the staff were friendly and helpful and the food was excellent – what more can you want of an... READ MORE


We only had one more day in Sos and the weeks in Spain were rapidly coming to an end. I was a bit nervous about another day in the car but strapped myself... READ MORE

Monastery of Leyre

We enjoyed a walk down the Foz de Lumbier but didn’t want to return to the Parador at Sos del Rey Catolico just yet so decided to visit the Monastery of Leyre. A... READ MORE

Foz de Lumbier

I was feeling cautiously better and so we set off from the Parador at Sos del Rey Catolico to walk in the gorge at FoZ de Lumbier. The views from the bedroom window... READ MORE

A day trip from Sos

We were settled into the excellent parador of Sos del Rey Catolico and set off for a day trip from Sos to visit Undués de Lerda, the Castle of Javier and Sanguesa. These... READ MORE

Toro on the Duero

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We spent a wonderful week in Zamora and it was time to move on to our next stay which was to be a few days in the Paradore in La Granja. The aim was to rest for a few days … Continued

A week in Zamora

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It is easy to spend a week in Zamora which is a very old walled town on a promontory overlooking the River Duero. The border with Portugal is about an hour away. The town is filled with pleasures of all … Continued

The Walls of Zamora

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The walls of Zamora protect a very old fortified city which is situated on a promontory above the River Duero. Many of the walls are still in place, particularly on the north side of the old town and we set … Continued

Romanesque Churches inside Zamora

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There are over twenty Romanesque churches inside Zamora, which is to say inside the walled, historic town. If you want to explore all of them it is a daunting prospect! We visited quite a few. The city is small and … Continued

Museum of Zamora

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The Museum of Zamora is in the Plaza of Santa Lucia and it is well worth visiting. We looked down into the museum complex, with its resident stork, from our room in the paradore

A Walk along the Duero

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A walk along the Duero in Zamora, even a short walk, is a real pleasure! First thing in the morning I opened the curtains and looked out on the river which invited us to go for a walk.

Romanesque Churches outside Zamora

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We found two wonderful Romanesque churches outside Zamora, just beyond the walls. So many of these early churches inside the walls have been changed, or highly decorated. It was a joy to find these two which remain much simpler.

The Castle in Zamora

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The Castle in Zamora is a landmark which has stood at the western end of the historical city for over a thousand years, with a wonderful lookout over the surrounding countryside and the River Duero.

The Cheese Festival in Zamora

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The International Cheese Festival in Zamora was about to swing into action as we arrived! Fromago was being held in Zamora for the first time and for the next four days the streets, and the paradore, were very busy indeed. … Continued

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