Back to the UK!

We had enjoyed ten relaxing days in Portugal’s Alentejo but now it was time to go back to the UK! We set off from Flor da Rosa on main roads to Lisbon Airport... READ MORE

Prehistoric remains

I was keen to revisit some of the prehistoric remains which we had previously found in this area, but our map failed us and so I only have one to show you, and... READ MORE

Vila Vicosa to Flor da Rosa

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The direct route from Vila Vicosa to Flor da Rosa probably only takes two hours but one of the aims of travelling is exploration and learning and so we lingered along the way. We chose country roads rather than the … Continued

Corners of Vila Vicosa

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If you take time and wander around the town there are many corners of Vila Vicosa which are fun to discover. This is a lovely town in which to relax for a few days.

Monuments in Vila Vicosa

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Sightseeing by visiting monuments in Vila Vicosa is a very relaxing occupation. On this occasion we visited old favourite and also made two new discoveries. The town is very attractive and you could just as easily sit in the main … Continued

Redondo and two castles

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On a day trip from Vila Vicosa we decided to visit Redondo and two castles in the area, Terena and Alandroal, taking time to drive along quiet country roads.

Pousada of Vila Vicosa

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We were sad to leave Palmela and Setubal, but it was time to move on to our next stop at the Pousada of Vila Vicosa. We had stayed here in the past and it was always very enjoyable.

The Mourisca Tide Mill

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We had walked round Setubal but wanted to see more of the Sado Estuary and so set off to find the Mourisca Tide Mill – Moinhos de Mouriscas – which is situated in the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve. I had … Continued

Sightseeing in Setubal

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We were staying in the Pousada in Palmela for three nights and spent the whole time in the area around the hotel and sightseeing in and around Setubal. It was interesting, relaxing and just a delight after the cold and … Continued

A Day in Setubal

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Although we had stayed in the Pousada of Palmela several times in the past we had never visited Setubal, the port on the Sado Estuary below the hotel. We decided to spend a day in Setubal and particularly wanted to … Continued

The Park of Palmela

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Venâncio Ribeira da Costa Park, the park of Palmela, lies against the hillside just under the walls of the castle and the Pousada at Palmela. It is peaceful and attractive and I wonder how many of the visitors to the … Continued

The Pousada of Palmela

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The Pousada of Palmela is a beautiful and historic hotel which is also luxuriously comfortable and just 40 minutes outside Lisbon. It is always our preferred first stop in Portugal after flying into the airport at Lisbon. We first visited … Continued

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