The Peabody Trust

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The Peabody Trust was founded in 1862 by George Peabody, an extraordinary American banker and business man who lived and worked in London. He wanted to ‘..ameliorate the condition of the poor and needy of this great metropolis, and to promote their comfort … Continued

The Waterloo Road, Bradshaw’s Hand Book (No.95)

Bradshaw says ‘..The Waterloo Road, leading to Waterloo Bridge, is a broad but ill-built thoroughfare..’.About half-way down, on the eastern side, is the Victoria Theatre, a cheap place of minor dramatic entertainment, and opened as the Coburg Theatre in 1818.’ Well, haven’t times changed – the … Continued

St George’s Circus, Bradshaw’s Hand Book, (No.94)

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Bradshaw says ‘..At the junction of the London Road with the Blackfriars Road is an obelisk standing in the centre of the open ground whence six roads branch off in different directions. It is now considered merely as the indicator of various … Continued

West Square, Bradshaw’s Hand Book, (No.93)

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West Square was built between 1791-1810. The Temple-West family owned c.two acres in St George’s Fields and leased land to a Mr Hedger to build houses. The Hedger family owned the Dog & Duck tavern and from the 1780s James Hedger … Continued

Burial Ground for Bedlam

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An interesting article appeared this morning – Exploring London writes about the excavation of a former Bedlam burial ground in Liverpool Street in the City of London. The site lies underneath the eastern ticket hall of the new Crossrail Station and contains … Continued

Bethlehem Hospital, Bradshaw’s Hand Book, (No.92)

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Bradshaw describes ‘…Bethlehem Hospital, a noble institution, designed for the reception of those who are suffering from that most awful of human maladies, mental aberration….. Old ‘Bedlam’ in Moorfields, having been taken down in 1814, the present structure was raised in … Continued

St George’s Cathedral, WWII bomb damage

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Several people commented on this photograph which is held in the Imperial War Museum collection. ‘..A priest, probably Father Dixon, stands in the roofless shell of St George’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, on the corner of St George’s Road and Lambeth … Continued

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