Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, The South, St Thomas’ Hospital (no.80)

‘..St Thomas’s Hospital, originally founded as an Almonry in 1213 by the Prior of Bermondsey and opened as an hospital in 1552..’. The hospital was started in association with the Priory of St Mary Overie in 1106 and named after … Continued

Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, The South, London Bridge Station (no.79)

‘..The spacious terminus of the South Eastern, London and Brighton, Greenwich, North Kent, and Croydon Railways, that all converge at this point, is seen at the end of a broad turning that leads from the main road up to the respective stations.’.

Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, The South, Southwark Cathedral (no.77)

‘Crossing London Bridge we now enter the Borough of Southwark, one of the most animated parts of the metropolis, from the extent of the business carried on in this extensive locality, and one of the most interesting from its antiquity..’.

Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, 1862, Day 8 in City Road (no.75)

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This is my penultimate post of the 8-day tour of London proposed by Mr Bradshaw in his Illustrated Hand Book to London, and a tour which I began in January 2013! But we have not yet finished the tour of London … Continued

Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, Day 8 completed (no.76)

The Manor of Finsbury (or Fensbury) was established in 1104 and granted to the City of London in 1315. The land stretched northwards from the City walls, an area of moors and bogs, but by 1607 Richard Johnson described it … Continued

Travel in France – A short walk around Correze

I enjoy walking and there was a lot of walking planned for the next few weeks! Day 5 of ‘Travel in France’, Sunday, was an idyllic day, starting with good coffee and excellent croissant enjoyed in bed with a book until 11.00am. … Continued

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