Lambeth Bridge – Thames Tour, Bradshaw’s Handbook, no.114

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There was an obvious need to cross the Thames from Westminster Palace to Lambeth Palace and this was done by ferry. There were ferries for pedestrians, and ferries for horses and carriages, and it was a lucrative trade for the Watermen, who unsurprisingly … Continued

The Royal Doulton Factory in Lambeth

The Royal Doulton Factory building in Lambeth is startling. Now known as Southbank House the building dates from 1876-78, designed by Robert Stark Wilkinson.  The tympanum depicts a seated Henry Doulton showing off his wares to potential buyers, with his two leading artists … Continued

Lambeth Palace, Bradshaw’s Hand Book, no.102

‘From Bethlehem Hospital the road leads direct through Church Street to old Lambeth Church and Palace. To the left are some narrow streets, now traversed by the viaduct of the South Western Railway, and worth looking at as vestiges of the old … Continued

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