The Manor of Paris Gardens

I was intrigued by ‘Paris Gardens Manor’ and followed the route below, but then found another map by Patrick Sweeney, which suggests the boundary on the eastern side is along Great Suffolk Street and Holland Street to the river. And finally, after completing … Continued

Christ Church, Southwark

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Somehow Churches and Churchyards manage to retain a sense of quiet and calm, even when on a busy main road. John Marshall’s Coat of Arms over the door reminds one of the origin of the church, the third on the … Continued

Almshouses in Southwark, Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London (No.87)

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Bradshaw says ‘.. The quaint old pile opposite [The Elephant and Castle] is The Fishmongers’ Almshouses, built about 1633..’. Many wealthy people tried to help the poor, particularly the elderly, through providing housing – almshouses.

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