Walking at Locmaria Berrien

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This walk started at the car park of the old station of Locmaria Berrien. The station building, we subsequently found, followed a pattern for all the old, 19C stations in this part of Brittany. We walked up the hill, past a turkey farm, and then along lanes with wide views over the countryside into the village.


The hamlet of Locmaria Berrien (‘place which is sacred to Maria’) acquired its name in the early 17C. The Church of Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle dates to the 12C, and so parts of the church (such as the entrance) must be the oldest in the region. Over the years there has also been rebuilding, additions (the round tower, the bell tower), and restoration work . The Calvary is 16C.The Church of Bonne Nouvelle, Locmaria Berrien

The Church of Bonne Nouvelle at Locmaria Berrien

The Calvary of the Church of Bonne Nouvelle, Locmaria Berrien

Ttwo oak trees in front of the church were apparently planted in 1582, during the reign of Catherine de Medici and are classified as ‘Remarkable trees of France’. After the village we followed lanes and woods to eventually reach the Alder River. 16-9-19-walk-at-locmaria-berrien-lr-2285

Walking at Locmaria BerrienWalking at Locmaria Berrien Walking at Locmaria Berrien

Walking at Locmaria Berrien

When we found the Alder River there was an ugly patch where the forest had been cleared, but the trees and plants will grown again. The bridge turned out to be a railway line that has become the Voie Vertea long-distance route from Nantes to Roscoff, which followed the course of the river, mostly hidden in the trees, and we eventually arrived back at the car after very easy, quiet, and peaceful walking.

The Alder River at Locmaria Berrien The Voie Verte along the Alder River at Locmaria Berrien

The station at Locmaria Berrien

The pampas grass was just starting to flower during September and this wonderful clump was alongside the car park – gorgeous!

A wonderful walk which I will do again, perhaps with a variation like starting at the church. And walking over it was time to explore further!

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