Trafalgar Square, 10 December 2013

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Today was Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service in Johannesburg. I followed the service on TV and then went into London. Around South Africa House everyone was talking about Mandela. It was a disturbing day, and in the evening I found myself … Continued

The Fountains of Trafalgar Square

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Bradshaw in hand I wrote this post, and discovered that the fountains in Trafalgar are second-generation – the originals were shipped to Canada. Well, one thing leads to another and here is an unintended exploration of the Fountains of Trafalgar Square!

Bradshaw’s Hand Book, Trafalgar Square (no.15)

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This post completes my last one, in which I was rained off! Trafalgar Square is today a great open space in the centre of the City of Westminster, a major tourist attraction, known all over the world. These explorations with Mr … Continued

National Gallery

The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square has free lunchtime lectures, 13.00, on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Yesterday I settled down in the Sainsbury Wing Theatre with around 200 other people and it was marvellous! I learned about ‘Murillo’s depiction of life in … Continued

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