Vimy Ridge in WW1

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Vimy Ridge was the site of a battle in WWI in April 1917, as part of the fighting around Arras. All four divisions of the Canadian Expeditionary Corps in the First Army fought together and were tasked with capturing the … Continued

Beaumont-Hamel & Thiepval

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I had visited several cemeteries and battle grounds and reflected on what I had seen. It was disturbing and unsettling, but nothing quite prepared me for the atmosphere of Beaumont-Hamel, where I shivered and felt heavy as I walked into … Continued

Canadian Corner in Orpington

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Today I set out to visit gardens, but as I walked towards Priory Gardens in Orpington I passed the cemetery of All Saints Church and noticed a War Cemetery. Orpington Hospital opened in 1916 as the Ontario Military Hospital to care for soldiers injured in … Continued

The Fountains of Trafalgar Square

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Bradshaw in hand I wrote this post, and discovered that the fountains in Trafalgar are second-generation – the originals were shipped to Canada. Well, one thing leads to another and here is an unintended exploration of the Fountains of Trafalgar Square!

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