Layers of time in Ribadeo

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Ribadeo is on the River Eo, just a short distance from the sea, and on the border between Galicia and Asturias. We only had two and a half days in the town and so I had just a glimmering of … Continued

Auray on market day

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We walked into the Place de la Republique in Auray to find the market in full swing – there were stalls and people in the main square, the surrounding squares and streets, and in the covered market. People were selling food, … Continued


It is hard to believe another year has ended. For the first time I am looking back over my travels, thinking about what was achieved, what I hoped to do and what I didn’t complete.

Le Faou

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We walked in the Forest of Cranou and now it was coffee time! Fortunately Le Faou is close by. It is a small Mediaeval port founded in the 11C on the Faou River which flows into the Rade de Brest. The Grande Rue leads to and from … Continued

The Waterlink Way

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The Waterlink Way is an 8 mile (12 km) path between Sydenham and the Thames, and it can be walked or cycled. (Large scale map.) A walk along the Ravensbourne River is also the Waterlink Way until the middle of the River Pool Linear Park where the River Pool meets the … Continued

The Ravensbourne River no.3, Bellingham Station to Bromley South Station

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Southend Pond in front of Homebase (on the Bromley Road) is, I believe, a dam on the Ravensbourne River. From old photographs it seems it was bigger in the past – big enough for boating! The pond was originally the … Continued

The Ravensbourne River from The Thames to Lewisham Station (no.1)

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The Ravensbourne is 17km long (11 miles), rising in Keston Ponds at Caesar’s Well, and debouching into the Thames in Deptford. I am walking the river using the DLR, buses and trains. 

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