Durban City Hall

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Durban City Hall was commissioned in 1903 and designed by Stanley Hudson as a replica of the Belfast City Hall. This imposing building has an Auditorium, Public Library, Art Gallery, and Natural Science Museum. The City Hall is in Francis Farewell Square, named … Continued

The Ravensbourne River no.4, Bromley South Station to Caesar’s Well

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Finally, the time to walk the last section of the Ravensbourne River! The BBC Weather promised a fine day and we set off from the bus stop outside Bromley South Station. I couldn’t find a map on the internet and we … Continued

Battersea Bridge – Thames Tour, Bradshaw’s Handbook, no.121

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin ‘Battersea Bridge, a wretched impediment of wood, has about eighty years of existence to answer for as an obstacle in the way of our river navigation..’, says Mr Bradshaw.  The bridge, also known as Chelsea Bridge, … Continued

Albert Bridge – Thames Tour, Bradshaw’s Handbook, no.120

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The Albert Bridge no.1 was commissioned in 1864 but only completed in 1873. Prince Albert had suggested a new bridge would ease the congestion on the Chelsea Bridge and relieve the pressure on the shaky Battersea Bridge. London was expanding … Continued

The Ravensbourne River no.3, Bellingham Station to Bromley South Station

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Southend Pond in front of Homebase (on the Bromley Road) is, I believe, a dam on the Ravensbourne River. From old photographs it seems it was bigger in the past – big enough for boating! The pond was originally the … Continued

The Ravensbourne River from The Thames to Lewisham Station (no.1)

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The Ravensbourne is 17km long (11 miles), rising in Keston Ponds at Caesar’s Well, and debouching into the Thames in Deptford. I am walking the river using the DLR, buses and trains. 

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