The Church of St Suliau at Sizun

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The Church of St Suliau in Sizun is, in my view, one of the most memorable Enclos Paroissiaux in Brittany. It dominates the centre of the village and has most of the ‘ingredients’ of an enclos: walled churchyard, Triumphal Arch, Church with a South … Continued

Gargoyles & Grotesques in Sizun

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Gargoyles and grotesques abound on the outside of The Church of St Suliau in Sizun! This is perhaps my favourite of the Enclos Paroissial. It is situated at a crossroads in the middle of the village. The tall, thin spire can be seen … Continued

The Ceilings, Beams & Sablieres in the Church of St Suliau, Sizun

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The sablières are the wooden beams between the tops of the walls and the ceiling, and they are carved with scenes of everyday life, religious themes, fantastical beasts, and foliage. At intervals there are little figures – all incredible.

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