Walk above the Reservoir of St Michel

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It was a somewhat gloomy day in which showers were forecast so we packed umbrellas (!), parked at the Ferme des Artisans alongside the reservoir, and set off. It was to be a good walk but very wet along the reservoir.

Walk at Reservoir of St Michel

This signpost marked another walk, on to the hills, but it was also at our beginning where a beautiful view of the Chapel of St Michel sent us down an easy track leading to the cover of trees as the rain come down…


The shower passed and off we went! The rain stopped us twice more but handy trees and the umbrellas gave sufficient cover and after a while it didn’t really matter if feet felt damp – it was just wonderful to be outside in air that smelt sweet and with wide-ranging views. There was even some sunshine!

We passed lots of muddy fields, a wayside Calvary, and at a menhir turned off the road  on a path around the Roc’h Cléguer towards the reservoir.

The views were beautiful on this part of the walk but oh my goodness it was wet! The path became a river, and then a lake – quite a challenge!

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Reservoir de St Michel
Reservoir de St Michel

And near the end of the walk we peered at the alignments – I had had enough of tramping through rivers and wet, boggy ground!

The Alignements - Noces de Pierres
The Alignements – Noces de Pierres


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The Alignments

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