Pilgrim Route & Chapels

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The Daoulas Sunday Market is a ‘must visit’ in west Brittany – situated at the head of a sea inlet the little town also has a wonderful Abbey with a walled garden filled with medicinal plants. This year I concentrated on the Daoulas Sunday … Continued

Chapels on the Pilgrim Route near Le Quillio

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The Pilgrim Route from the Abbey of Beauport to Santiago de Compostelo is c.1488 kms by road – what on earth would it have been by foot? And how long did it take? Along the way there were Calvaries and … Continued


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Quintin lies beside the River Gouët, a town which was wealthy and powerful between the 16C and 19C, built on the proceeds of the linen industry. We spent an hour or two exploring the town after walking along the River, but … Continued