‘Nude Girl’ by Ernest Schaufelberg

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Mr Bradshaw and I were wandering in the streets around Covent Garden, and in Russell Street is The Fortune Theatre opened in 1924, the first theatre to be built in London after WWI. Mr Bradshaw could not have known the … Continued

The Bishops’ Tree at Fulham Palace

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Fulham Palace has been the country seat and home of the Bishops of London since about 700. It is surprising sight, perhaps unduly neglected, but now undergoing major renovation. In the grounds is the Bishops’ Tree.

Autumn Colours in London

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London is filled with trees, shrubs, and flowers. Amazingly the leaves haven’t yet fallen, and occasionally there is a blaze of colour. In my wanderings with Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, 1862, as my companion, I have found these wonderful sights.

Curious textual similarities?

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Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London 1862 says of Seven Dials on p.120: ‘..The angular direction of each street renders the spot rather embarrassing to a pedestrian who crosses this maze of buildings unexpectedly, and frequently causes him to diverge from the road … Continued

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