Fulham Palace

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Fulham Palace was the Manor House of the Bishops of London from c.11C and their country residence until 1973. I visited about ten days ago. (Here is a list of all the Bishops of London.)

Barnard’s Inn

Barnard’s Inn today is a secret place, entered through a doorway on Holborn which gives no hint of the history through the doorways and narrow corridors. (Authoritative article here.) By 1435 a School of Law had been established on the site … Continued

Freemasons’ Hall – Stunning Art Deco

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‘..Freemasons’ Hall is the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England and the principal meeting place for Masonic Lodges in London. Grand Lodge has been in Great Queen Street since 1775, the present Hall being the third building on … Continued

Autumn Colours in London

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London is filled with trees, shrubs, and flowers. Amazingly the leaves haven’t yet fallen, and occasionally there is a blaze of colour. In my wanderings with Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, 1862, as my companion, I have found these wonderful sights.

Curious textual similarities?

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Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London 1862 says of Seven Dials on p.120: ‘..The angular direction of each street renders the spot rather embarrassing to a pedestrian who crosses this maze of buildings unexpectedly, and frequently causes him to diverge from the road … Continued

Town or Country?

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Mr Bradshaw accompanies me to London each week for an intensive guided tour. I plunge into the London of 1862, trying to understand, comparing his thoughts to my own, and just savouring me-time. I am learning a lot – retaining … Continued

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