Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, Day 6, Lincoln’s Inn & its Fields (no.35)

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‘.. Lincoln’s Inn Fields form a fine open square, said to be the dimensions of the base of one of the pyramids of Egypt..’, according to Mr Bradshaw. It is London’s largest square, formed from Purse and Cup Fields, once used by the students from the … Continued

Sky-High in London

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Mr Bradshaw encourages little diversions during his tours, and one’s state of mind is very important: ‘..A person in good humour always sees the sunny side of every cloud, while another is too prone to be prejudiced by unfavourable impressions..’. … Continued

Bradshaw’s Hand Book, Part III – The West, The Strand, including St Clement Danes (no.14)

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My spirits were low today, so, before embarking on ‘the route’ I visited Lincoln’s Inn to see  how the garden was progressing in our rather gloomy spring weather. It was beautiful, and tranquil. ‘We now proceed from Temple Bar westward, … Continued

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