In Greenwich Park

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Yesterday was very cold and clear, and the light in the last two hours before sunset was truly golden. There was a promise of spring and life to come.  

Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, The South, St Thomas’ Hospital (no.80)

‘..St Thomas’s Hospital, originally founded as an Almonry in 1213 by the Prior of Bermondsey and opened as an hospital in 1552..’. The hospital was started in association with the Priory of St Mary Overie in 1106 and named after … Continued

Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, The South, London Bridge Station (no.79)

‘..The spacious terminus of the South Eastern, London and Brighton, Greenwich, North Kent, and Croydon Railways, that all converge at this point, is seen at the end of a broad turning that leads from the main road up to the respective stations.’.

Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, The South, Southwark Cathedral (no.77)

‘Crossing London Bridge we now enter the Borough of Southwark, one of the most animated parts of the metropolis, from the extent of the business carried on in this extensive locality, and one of the most interesting from its antiquity..’.

John Wesley

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John Wesley was by any account a remarkable man, although perhaps not always a happy man. I came across the Wesley Chapel when visiting Bunhill Fields with Bradshaw. John Wesley’s first Chapel, The Foundery, was in Tabernacle Street, just behind City Road. Cannon captured … Continued

New River Walk (No.6)

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Yesterday I continued with my New River Walk, starting near Palmers Green Station where I had stopped in July! It was a sunny autumn day and the walk to Enfield (including the Enfield Loop) was pleasant and easy but with the usual signpost puzzles.

New Canon 600D DSLR Camera – Week 2

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Another depressing week in which the task was to take photographs with different ISO settings and compare the results. And I would have to use the fully manual mode. I decided it was time to get to grips with AV … Continued

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