Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, The South, Guy’s Hospitals (no.81)

‘..Guy’s Hospital, founded by Thomas Guy, a benevolent bookseller in Lombard Street, who, by various successes in trade and speculation succeeded at last in amassing a considerably fortune..’. The hospital was built in 1721, behind St Thomas’ Hospital, and was for the care of incurable patients from St Thomas’s Hospital. The original buildings (dark grey) are at top left of the plan below.

Plan of Guy's Hospital
Plan of Guy’s Hospital
Guy's Hospital, 1840 (Wikipedia)
Guy’s Hospital, 1840 (Wikipedia)
Guy's Hospital today
Guy’s Hospital today

The courtyard inside the main gateway is filled with cars and I couldn’t achieve a convincing photograph. Sir Thomas Guy stands benignly in the middle, and is buried in the Chapel on the west of the square, a beautiful tomb which I felt unable to picture.

Sir Thomas Guy in the Courtyard of Guy's Hospital
Sir Thomas Guy in the Courtyard of Guy’s Hospital
The Chapel, Guy's Hospital
In the Chapel, Guy’s Hospital

Passing through the central gateways leads to The Colonnades and the two small courtyards. Keats, who trained at the Hospital in 1815-16, sits in a stone arbour in the East Courtyard, while a statue of Viscount Nuffielda benefactor of the Hospital, is in the West Courtyard.

Guy's Hospital, Gates to The Colonnades
Guy’s Hospital, Gates to The Colonnades

Behind the entrance courtyard is a quiet area, the Sanctuary, which remembers the ninety four people from the Hospital who were killed in WWII



IMG_3097Guy’s Hospital continues to grow, with the largest Dental School in Europe and a new Cancer Care block currently under construction.

Thomas Guy was an extraordinary philanthropist. As well as building and endowing the hospital he built almshouses in Tamworth, the town in which he lived as a boy, and he supported many layers of relatives. (The almshouses were rebuilt in 1913.)

Guy's Almshouses, Tamworth (The Staffordshire Views Collection)
Guy’s original Almshouses, Tamworth (The Staffordshire Views Collection)

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