Park of San Antonio in Avila

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The Cathedral in Avila is quite overwhelming and later that day we felt we needed a walk in a park – well, I needed the comfort of trees.

Cathedral of Avila

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The Cathedral of Avila is a fortress-cathedral, built into the walls of Avila and with the apse as one of the towers in the walls. Together with the Cathedral of Cuenca it is one of the two earliest Gothic cathedrals … Continued

Travelling from Soria to Avila

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It was a long day, travelling from Soria to Avila, with lots of new sights and experiences, and hugely varied scenery. We travelled through fields of vegetables, orchards, mountains, scrubland and miles os nothingness. And always on good roads, not … Continued

A week in Soria

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It is perhaps unusual to come to Spain and spend a week in Soria but it was a good thing to do. As someone said to us ‘You are not tourists, but travellers’.

Berlanga de Duero

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We had visited Burgo de Osma with its extraordinary cathedral and now wanted to see what we could of the Castle of Berlanga de Duero. Everything was closed, but if you have time this would be a good place to … Continued

Burgo de Osma

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A day trip from Soria took us to Burgo de Osma, past Berlanga de Duero and Almazan and back to Soria. It was an interesting and very enjoyable day.

Soria at night

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Soria at night offered several delights on this visit. We had a busy start to our travels in Lerma and I was looking forward to the time in this lovely town. Santa Domingo The Church of Santa Domingo dates from … Continued

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