Museum of Zamora

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The Museum of Zamora is in the Plaza of Santa Lucia and it is well worth visiting. We looked down into the museum complex, with its resident stork, from our room in the paradore

A Walk along the Duero

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A walk along the Duero in Zamora, even a short walk, is a real pleasure! First thing in the morning I opened the curtains and looked out on the river which invited us to go for a walk.

Romanesque Churches outside Zamora

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We found two wonderful Romanesque churches outside Zamora, just beyond the walls. So many of these early churches inside the walls have been changed, or highly decorated. It was a joy to find these two which remain much simpler.

The Castle in Zamora

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The Castle in Zamora is a landmark which has stood at the western end of the historical city for over a thousand years, with a wonderful lookout over the surrounding countryside and the River Duero.

The Cheese Festival in Zamora

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The International Cheese Festival in Zamora was about to swing into action as we arrived! Fromago was being held in Zamora for the first time and for the next four days the streets, and the paradore, were very busy indeed. … Continued

Travelling from Burgos to Zamora

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We had spent a week in Burgos and now we were on the road again, travelling from Burgos to Zamora. We were quickly out of the town, driving through hot, flat countryside and wondering how the pilgrims managed to walk … Continued

San Lesmes and San Esteban

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San Lesmes and San Esteban are two of the many churches in Burgos. Entry to San Lesmes is free. San Esteban, which is now a museum, is included in the 10€ ticket which also gives unlimited entry to the cathedral.

Las Huelgas

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Las Huelgas is a Cistercian Convent which dates from 1187. It stands on the outskirts of Burgos, on the edge of the Parque El Parral. It is the most important establishment of its kind in Spain. Visits to Las Huelgas … Continued

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