Alameda de Cervantes in Soria

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The week in Madrid was wonderful! Now we settled into a marvellous AirBnB in Soria, but Covid had hit me hard. I didn’t record the journey from Madrid to Soria and it was only five days later that I felt able to take a short walk to the Alameda de Cervantes in Soria.

Alameda de Cervantes in Soria

The Alameda is one of the oldest public parks in Spain, and sits in the middle of the town. It was also known as ‘La Dehesa’. The name, ‘La Dehesa’, was first mentioned 1,000 years ago. After years of conflict with the Moors the area was resettled. Alfonso I gave land here to friars from the Monastery of San Milan de Cogolla. The land was suitable for grazing cattle and they built a hermitage to San Andrés.

Until 1905 the area was known as ‘La Dehesa’. Then, on the 300 year anniversary of the publication of Don Quixote the name changed to honour Cervantes.

Entrance to the Alameda de Cervantes
Entrance on the Plaza Mariano Granados
Plan of the park
First sight of the park
Cafe in the Alameda de Cervantes
Cafe in the Alameda de Cervantes

And that was about all I could manage for one day – quite pathetic. There was a lot of the Alameda de Cervantes in Soria which I didn’t see – rose gardens, pine ‘forests’, more fountains, and a hermitage. Next time!

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