Soria and Machado

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We had spent a wonderful week in Madrid, but now, while I dealt with Covid by lying in bed, Jeremy took charge of the camera and investigated Soria and Machado. So some of these are sights in Soria through someone else’s eyes and I am not always sure what was where!

Antonio Machado

The main reason for coming to Soria was Antonio Machado (1875-1939), one of Spain’s greatest 20th century poets. He lived in the town for five years, and wrote about the town, particularly the River Duero. Machado married Leonor in those years but she died, and he moved away.

Machado and Soria
Antonio Machado

The Wayfarer

Wayfarer, the road is only your footsteps, nothing more.

There is no predestined road; it is your road, made by you.

Yes, your walking makes the road.

If you look back you will see only a path that you can never take again.

There is no road; only eddies in your wake, like the sea.

(Jeremy’s translation)

Soria and Machado seem to belong together. There are statues and reminders all round the town and the river is very beautiful. My favourite poem is given above.

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