Avenues and Woods at La Granja

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Beyond the formal gardens with parterres there are avenues and woods. Inside the avenues and higher up the hillside the trees seem freer. I loved these areas which were less controlled and where I could just enjoy the trees in the gardens of La Granja.

The Eight Avenues at La Granja

In the centre is a large octagonal place from which go out eight avenues, ocho calles. It is decorated with a single group, of Apollo and Pandora. The avenues are held together in pairs by a fountain with a large marble arch overhead. At the end, as the crowning point for these walks (arranged in two groups of four), there is set up another fountain of some importance, which independently acts as a central point for a round plot.

Las Ocho Calles
Fountain of Diana
Calle de la Centella
Fuente de las Tazas
The Upper Fountain of La Taza
Calle Larga
View down one of the avenues
Calle Honda

Woodlands at La Granja

There are trees on either side of the avenues, particularly in the higher level of the gardens and alongside the Parterre of Fame. The trees are mainly oak trees, and pine trees, limes, chestnuts, elms, ash, hornbeams and poplars.

There are formal avenues and woods at La Granja which offer hours of walking. But it is the trees higher up the hillside which seem freer and more open. Nevertheless the gardens as a whole are wonderful.

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