Museum of Human Evolution

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The Museum of Human Evolution is in a complex of three stunning buildings on the south side of the River Arlanzon in Burgos. Juan Navarro Baldeweg designed the buildings.

Museum of Human Evolution with a ‘green’ pilgrim

From the outside

Museum of Human Evolution
Complex of the Museum of Human Evolution
Museum of Human Evolution
Between two of the buildings

Inside the museum

The museum spreads over four floors. It is partly a showcase for the research work at Atapuerca which is a World Heritage Site. Atapuerca1 is a site about 15 kms north east of Burgos where human and animal remains have been found since 1976, dating back c.800,000 years. A railway line was cut through the hills and this uncovered items of interest and caves.

Inside the museum
Looking down to the ground floor

A little fun!

What would you look like if you lived tens of thousands of years ago? There is a computer screen which helps you to see yourself in startling fashion!

The Museum of Human Evolution is a beautiful building filled with imaginative displays. But of course it makes you realise you need to go away and read more about evolution! Yet more books, yet more reading…



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