Burgos Cathedral

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Burgos Cathedral is absolutely spectacular and it was just across the narrow road from the AirBnB where we spent a wonderful week. It was good to just sit and look at the building and enjoy its splendour.

Burgos Cathedral at night
Burgos Cathedral from the Plaza del Rey Fernando

A brief history

Alfonso VI of Leon and Castile declared Burgos a bishopric in 1075 and the first cathedral was finished by 1096, but this was soon too small.

Building work on the second Cathedral of Saint Mary started in 1221 and Bishop Maurice, 1217-38, laid the foundation stone. It was on the French Camino, the main pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostelo, and this perhaps shy there are so many chapels.

In the 15th and 16th centuries there were further additions and embellishments: Juan Colonia added the spires to the west towers in 1442-58, the Chapel of the Constable was built and the dome added over the transept.

The Chapel of St Tecla was built in the 18th century.

The cathedral was declared a World Heritage Site on 31 October 1984

The Sacramental Door of Burgos Cathedral

The door of the Apostles

Chapel of the Constable

Architectural details

West Front

Burgos Cathedral from the Plaza Santa Maria

Burgos Cathedral is stunning from the outside, but the interior is breathtaking!

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    • Candy Blackham

      It is a most extraordinary building and I enjoyed popping in. We were so lucky to have an AirBnB just opposite the cathedral, and it was spotlessly clean and well-equipped.

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