Green Spaces in Burgos

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The residents of Burgos clearly value the green spaces in Burgos. In this they are very similar to the residents of Lewisham in south east London.

River Arlanzon

The rivers rises in the Sierra de la Demanda and flows outside the walls of the old city in Burgos. It was important to the wool industry at one time. Greater ecological awareness in the 21st century means that the river is cleaner and now home to fish, including trout.

Paseo del Espalon

The Paseo del Espalon is a very popular wooded and tree-lined walk along the River Arlanzon in the centre of Burgos. It runs from the Arch of Santa Maria to the main theatre, where a statue of El Cid stands proud in the middle of the main road and it was built at the the end of the 18th century. It is particularly popular for the evening paseo. The pollarded trees which give shade in the summer were planted at the beginning of the 20th century.

Arch of Santa Maria, leading to the cathedral square
main theatre in Burgos
The main theatre
One of several statues in the town – this one is watching the river

In the evening everyone turns out, in best bib and tucker (certainly amongst the older generation) for the paseo and a drink, or chocolate and churros!

Parque de las Islas

The park is very formal and c.800m long, reaching from the bridge of Castilla to the bridge of Malatos. There are straight, formal walks between lines of trees and statues, fountains and bit of stonework are dotted amongst the trees and it was created at the beginning of the 19th century.

Bridge of Malatos, Burgos
Bridge of Malatos
Burgos Parque de las Islas
Roundabout at the Bridge of Castilla
Parque de las Islas in Burgos
Main avenue in Parque de las Islas

In 1922 by Don Garcia Munos Jalon, the Count of Castilfale, donated these striking arches to Burgos. They came from his farm called The Arches.

Arches of the Commanders of Castilfale
Arches of the Commendadore of Castilfale
Parque de las Islas in Burgos
Arches as above

Dr Vara Park

This park is a little green space, the only green space for the people in the many blocks of flats which surround the park. I was surprised by how little outdoor space there was around the flats. And I thought of the difference between this park and the development which I had recently found in Kidbrooke Village in south east London.

Fuentes Blancas Park

There is another large park, camp site and leisure area south of the river, towards the site of the Monastery of Miraflores. Forty years ago we camped here! This time we parked the car in a car park under the Plaza Mayor and we left it there for the week. So Miraflores and the Fuentes Blancas Park will have to wait for another occasion.

The most valuable green spaces in Burgos seem to be the walks along the river

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