Houses in Graaff Reinet

Last year I wandered the streets of Graaff Reinet picturing the houses – do visit the site, but here is a small reminder because this year I did exactly the same. I just walked and photographed, enjoying the quiet and the simple elegance. I could see myself living here…

These are homes built by ordinary people and as such there are no gables, which would have been expensive to build. Instead there are shady stoeps,  centred front doors, wooden window shutters, corrugated iron roofs, and broekie lace decoration. And of course the houses are painted white.

Graaff Reinet Graaff Reinet Graaff Reinet

Graaff Reinet Graaff Reinet Graaff Reinet

And then there are the grander, official buildings like Reinet House

Reinet House
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