Regent’s Park in Spring

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Today my wings took me to Regent’s Park, prompted by The Frustrated Gardener. Mr Bradshaw will join us shortly, but in the meantime let’s enjoy the glory of the fragrant, abundant lilac.


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  1. navasolanature

    I always love the lilac as when a child my bedroom looked out onto our small garden filled with a lilac tree. And so wonderful in Spring!

  2. The Frustrated Gardener

    I am hoping to get back again next week with my camera to take a few more snaps. You are right, the lilac is magnificent this year. Who needs Paris in the springtime when you have London?

    • Candy Blackham

      And there were other gorgeous things too – the magnolias, the wisteria starting off the The Secret Garden, the mix of colours… I love London, and exploring with Mr Bradshaw’s Hand Book has led me to the most wonderful delights

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