The Churches of Soho Square

The churches in Soho Square all carried memories for me when I visited the Square.

The French Protestant Church was founded in 1550 in London and was a refuge for those fleeing persecution in France in 1572, and particularly after in 1685 – my mother wrote about people caught up in the St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre.

The French Protestant church in Soho SQuare

The French Protestant church in Soho SQuare

St Patrick’s Church was quiet, and peaceful. There is a pieta just inside the church, not particularly remarkable, but suddenly I thought of my mother. I miss her. I lit a candle, and remembered my father too, and my sister, all so far away.

St Patrick's Church, Soho Square

St Patrick’s Church, Soho Square

The interior of St Patrick's Church

The interior of St Patrick’s Church

And just round the corner, in Manette Street, the Chapel of the House of St Barnabas, where a girl who died too young was celebrated one evening.

St Barnabas, Soho Square

The Chapel of St Barnabas, Soho Square

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