The Park of Palmela

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VenĂ¢ncio Ribeira da Costa Park, the park of Palmela, lies against the hillside just under the walls of the castle and the Pousada at Palmela. It is peaceful and attractive and I wonder how many of the visitors to the … Continued

A relaxing start to travels in Portugal

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There are many different ways in which one could begin a trip to the interior of Portugal and one which I particularly enjoy is a flight from the UK into Lisbon airport, arriving at the end of the day, and … Continued

Travel in Portugal, Day 1, Palmela

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I love travelling in Portugal and I have just enjoyed some days spent mainly in the Alentejo. Easyjet took us to Lisbon late in the day and we spent the first night at the Pousada of Palmela, originally a monastery for the Knights of … Continued

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