The Park of Palmela

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VenĂ¢ncio Ribeira da Costa Park, the park of Palmela, lies against the hillside just under the walls of the castle and the Pousada at Palmela. It is peaceful and attractive and I wonder how many of the visitors to the hotel have discovered the park.

A brief history of the park of Palmela

The Mayor of Palmela, Jose Joaquim de Carvalho, created the park in the early 20th century. The idea was to create something similar to Bussaco and Sintra and attract tourists to the area. In the 1930s and park was named after a significant resident of Palmela, VenĂ¢ncio Ribeira da Costa.

Path down the hillside

Exploring the park

A clear path leads down the hill from the road, but of course the park can also be accessed from the town below. There are many clear paths through the trees, some with steps.

Under the trees the Vinca Major were flowering profusely as was yellow sorrel (oxalis). And through the trees there are views down into the town of Palmela.

Town of Palmela through the trees

I love arum lilies and found these beautiful flowers at the bottom of the hill.

The entry point from the town.

On the edge of the park there are views across the Arrabida hills and valleys, and across to the Tagus Estuary and Lisbon.

This little park is just delightful and I enjoyed my solitary wander – I wonder how many of the Pousada guests have found it?

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