New River Walk (No.5)

At the Hornsey Water Works the path turns right to go under the railway and then turns left into Western Road. A signpost at this point would have been helpful…. Walk along the left side of Wood Green Common, heading towards … Continued

New River Walk (No.4)

The area that is now called Finsbury Park was a wooded area, Hornsey Wood, in the Manor of Brownswood which belonged to St Paul’s Cathedral. (See a detailed history of the Park here.) The Park was formally opened in August 1869 after the … Continued

New River Walk, (no.2)

Arlington Way is a delightful small street leading away from the New River Head site and originally a path across the fields.The line of the footpath, and the New River, are clear on the extract from Bowles’ map of 1775. … Continued

Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, Myddelton Square (no.57)

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Myddelton Square was named after Sir Hugh Myddelton (1560-1631), a successful businessman who planned and partly financed the New River water supply to London from Hertfordshire. This square is on land owned by the New River Company and developed for housing alongside Claremont … Continued

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