Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London

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Mr Bradshaw and I have taken a rest from each other over the past few weeks so that I could visit Sicily – fabulous! – and deal with some family problems/challenges. Then my camera broke…. Next week I will be … Continued

Bradshaw’s Hand Book, The West, District III, Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, Holland House, (no.30)

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The Manor of Eia (consisting of Ebury, Neate, and Hyde) was held by Geoffrey de Mandeville (d.1100) after the Conquest. He was one of the ten richest men in England at the time and it was he who gave the land to Westminster … Continued

Bradshaw’s Hand Book to London, The West, District III, Pall Mall, (no.19)

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This route covers the area known as St James’s which falls into three main parts (Pevsner): the L-shape of Pall Mall and St James’s Street, the 17C suburb planned by Henry Jermyn, Earl of St Albans, and centred on St James’s Square, … Continued

Westminster Abbey and Westminster Palace, a Tudor map

This fascinating map (blog) really caught my imagination and when I found myself bombarding a friend with details I clearly had to explore the area in more detail, if only to protect his sanity! I was excited by the prospect of … Continued

West India Docks

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Mr Bradshaw took me to the West India Docks one warm and sunny Friday afternoon, a rare gift of a day in London this year. I loved it. Map and camera in hand, I marched resolutely amongst the remains of … Continued

The London Docks

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The London Docks are no longer functioning dockyards, although the Shadwell Basin remains as a leisure centre for water sports. I returned to take photographs and to follow the remains of the lines of the Docks, using the information above, … Continued

London’s City Walls

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The Museum of London has a very good and interesting series of leaflets which describe the walls of the City in a walk taking anything between 2-4 hours, depending on how fast you walk, how long you linger and inwardly digest the … Continued

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