The road from Santander to Potes

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We had travelled to Santander on the Ferry from Portsmouth – a relaxed and easy journey with a comfortable stay overnight in Santander. Now we were ready to set out! The road from Santander to Potes is good and not … Continued

Travelling to Northern Spain

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We were travelling to Northern Spain by Ferry, but instead of leaving from Portsmouth as planned we were diverted to Plymouth and so the trip started with a long drive. Fortunately it was an uneventful drive and the weather when … Continued

The Church of St Herbot

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The Church of St Herbot is in a small settlement of the same name, near Plounévez-du-Faou. The Church started building in the 14C on the site where St Herbot was buried and was the second church on the site.

A circular walk around Plouye

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We parked on the edge of Plouye and set off on a circular walk in by now ‘usual’ countryside – wide views, cattle, streams, and chemins creux. We had walked here before but followed a slightly different route this time. 

A curious Chapel in Coat-Nant

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The Chapel of Notre-Dame de Lorette in Coat-Nant (‘wooded valley with a stream’), Irvillac, is hidden in a valley with a sawmill as a neighbour. The road is narrow and winding, but this was once the old road between Quimper … Continued

A walk around L’Hopital-Camfrout in Brittany

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It was a breezy day and the previous day had been quiet so we set off on a useful-length circular walk near L’Hôpital-Camfrout, parking on a quiet roadside verge in Mezouguen.

Inside the Church of St Yves, La Roche-Maurice

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As you push open the door of the Church of St Yves in La Roche-Maurice, and step into the gloom your eyes gradually become accustomed to the dim light and you find an exuberant display of colour and carvings – … Continued

Walking around the Reservoir of Drennec

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The Drennec Reservoir was created by damming the Elorn and Mougau Rivers and created in 1981. It provides water to the north of Finistère as well as giving leisure opportunities to the local communities. Apparently the trout fishing in the … Continued

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