Alameda de Cervantes in Soria

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The week in Madrid was wonderful! Now we settled into a marvellous AirBnB in Soria, but Covid had hit me hard. I didn’t record the journey from Madrid to Soria and it was only five days later that I felt … Continued

A week in Madrid

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We spent a fascinating week in Madrid. We didn’t want to see every significant sight in Madrid – no-one can in only one week – we mostly wanted to soak up the atmosphere.

The Retiro in Madrid

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The Retiro in Madrid is one of the largest parks in the city. It was close to where we were staying and we decided to spend a day there, exploring. It is much larger than The Botanic Gardens, and more … Continued

The Prado in Madrid

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The Prado in Madrid is one of the world’s most famous art museums and a must-visit on any trip to Madrid. It was only fifteen minutes’ walk from our AirBnB and close to the Reina Sofia. On the way we … Continued

Plazas in Madrid

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There are plazas all over Madrid, squares between the densely packed buildings. They range from small to large, and quiet to throbbingly busy and they are all fascinating. Here I am just going to share two of those which we … Continued

The Royal Botanical Gardens in Madrid

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The Royal Botanical Gardens cover 8 acres in the centre of Madrid and are a wonderful place in which to wander, or just linger on a seat, perhaps after a visit to the Reina Sofia. Our AirBnB flat was only … Continued

The Reina Sofia in Madrid

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We settled into in an AirBnB on the Calle de la Sombrereria, in the middle of Madrid, and on our first day we decided to visit the Reina Sofia in Madrid. The museum was just a ten-minute walk away from … Continued

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