Travelling from Soria to Avila

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It was a long day, travelling from Soria to Avila, with lots of new sights and experiences, and hugely varied scenery. We travelled through fields of vegetables, orchards, mountains, scrubland and miles os nothingness. And always on good roads, not all of which were motorways.

Burgo de Osma

The road to Burgo de Osma was familiar but we turned off for a quick view of the town and the castle.

The maps showed Roman ruins outside Burgo de Osma but I couldn’t find them. Instead we caught a sight of the castle at Gormaz, too far away for the point and press camera, but at least we saw it. Next time!

Then it was back to the main road but only for a few minutes because we were stopped by the Guardia Civil and J was breathalysed, or as it was put, ‘tested for alcohol’! We passed the test! And all this happened in the first hour after leaving Soria…

Leaving Burgo de Osma after being breathalysed! Phew!

San Esteban de Osma

We didn’t stop in San Esteban de Osma but it looked interesting and Tuesday is market day which spread all over the town – it might be fun to return…

And then we turned towards the mountains.


After an hour and a half we were gasping for coffee and turned off into Riaza. The Plaza Mayor was delightful, surrounded by butterwalks. Coffee and tortilla in one of the cafes on the square were delicious! But the biggest surprise was the bullring in the middle of the square. Fortunately the spectacle was over.


Another little detour took us to Pedraza, perched on top of a hill and surrounded by gorges – it looked interesting! Another time?



We popped into Segovia to see the aqueduct which is spectacular but the town is large, and on hills, and we agreed that we would not want to stay there. So that has been ticked off the list!

Aqueduct in Segovia
Aqueduct in Segovia

The countryside

And then it was the final stretch on to Avila.

At the end of a long day we were tired and craving a hot shower and glass of wine. A well-equipped supermarket was just a 5-minute walk from the flat and to end a wonderful day we walked through the walls to get a first taste of the town.

The walls of Avila
The walls of Avila

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