A week in Soria

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It is perhaps unusual to come to Spain and spend a week in Soria but it was a good thing to do. As someone said to us ‘You are not tourists, but travellers’.

Why Soria?

It is hard to describe why this town, which seemed to welcome us, is so enjoyable, even enticing. It is perhaps because it is traditional and old ways and customs still seem important, and people are interested, and polite. Perhaps because it is ‘normal’ and ordinary life goes on, perhaps because there are so few tourist ‘crocodiles’. But perhaps most of all because we found such kind and generous friends here.

Medicinal glasses

Sitting in a square in the evening with a medicinal glass was always an eagerly anticipated enjoyment after a day spent exploring. And these friendly cafes were only a 5-minutes walk away from our flat.

Markets and shops

The small street markets were fun! And the nearby fishman and butcher were very good too.

And the shops are good – small shops everywhere, each with different clothing… and not expensive…

Corners in the evening light

We popped into the Church of St Carmen, which is hidden away in a corner of the town where there is a lot of renovation under way. The attached Convent was founded by St Theresa which was interesting because our next stop was to be Avila. The Church is beautiful inside, and very peaceful, but they were preparing for the evening service so no photographs.

Sights to remember

And then of course there were the sights we visited and so much enjoyed.

And sitting in the Church of Santa Domingo for the evening service and listening to the plainchant.

It is easy to spend a week in Soria and at the end of the week we packed up somewhat sadly to move on to Avila.

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