Berlanga de Duero

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We had visited Burgo de Osma with its extraordinary cathedral and now wanted to see what we could of the Castle of Berlanga de Duero. Everything was closed, but if you have time this would be a good place to spend the day.

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The Castle of Berlanga de Duero

In the 10th-11th centuries this was the site of a Moorish Castle. After the Reconquest the site was expanded with an outer ring of walls. Today’s castle dates from the 15th-16th centuries.

Berlanga do Duero Castle
Castle of Berlanga do Duero

The walls are 11th-12th century and used to enclose the old town until the population started settling on the valley floor. Today there is a pleasant green walk under the walls, and along the river.

Castle of Berlanga do Duero
Outer walls of the castle
Walk under the walls, along the river
Outer walls and castle keep

The Renaissance Palace

The Renaissance Palace of the Lords of Berlanga1 was built by Juan de Tovar and his parents in the 16th century. But it burned during the War of Independence and only a shell remains, overlooking the town square. The tourist office is located in the tower of the building but was closed during our visit.

Renaissance Palace and town square

The countryside

Driving through the countryside was very enjoyable. The weather was good and the views stretched for miles, always with mountains on the horizon. Pine trees, poplars, holm oaks and, I think, sessile oak trees were everywhere.

But there was also a lot of arable land and there seemed to be a lot of cereal crops but I could also see vegetables. It wasn’t possible to identify them from the car – these landscape pictures are all taken from inside the moving car!

We didn’t spend much time in Berlanga de Duero but even a brief visit was worthwhile. Then we whizzed through Almazan where we lost our way, and so back to Soria. It was a good day.

  1. History of Berlanga de Duero: ↩︎

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