Redondo and two castles

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On a day trip from Vila Vicosa we decided to visit Redondo and two castles in the area, Terena and Alandroal, taking time to drive along quiet country roads.

The Castle in Redondo

Redondo seems to date from the 13th century and started as a settlement inside the walls of the castle. After the 15th century the town started expanding beyond the walls. The Main Street through the castle was being relaid when we visited and it seemed as if further renovations were underway to the houses.

Gate into the castle in Redondo
Gate into the castle in Redondo

Redondo’s Park

Just off the main square we found a very pleasant park which in the summer will provide shade from temperatures over 30C.

Park in Redondo
Park in Redondo

Views in Redondo

Redondo is known for its wines and its pottery – but we visited on a Monday and sadly, or perhaps fortunately, the pottery shops were closed. It is also a town which manufactures paper flowers which are used for decoration in the streets and the statue below commemorates this trade.

A decorated roundabout in Redondo
A decorated roundabout in Redondo


We have visited the castle in Terena before and there are lots of pictures and details here. I also had a ‘proper’ camera at the time! And afterwards we returned to the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Boa Nova where the friendly local dog guided us round the site!

The Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Boa Nova in Terena
The Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Boa Nova


Alandroal was also a return visit and very enjoyable as such.

Church of the Misericorda
Church of the Misericorda

The countryside

The countryside in the Alentejo is wonderful – wide, open rolling hills covered with grass, wild flowers, cork oaks and olive trees. It is still a little early in the year and on a previous visit, a month or two later, the wildflowers were even more abundant.

Cork oaks

And so back to Vila Vicosa after visiting Redondo and two castles in the area.

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