Museum of Numancia

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The Museum of Numancia in Soria displays items of archaeological interest in the Province of Soria, as well as items found at the site of Numancia. It is in the centre of the town, close to the Alameda de Cervantes.

The Museum

Inside the museum

The artefacts in the museum range from pre-historic times to the Romans.

Gallery in the museum

The artefacts of the Celtiberians come from Numantia and others part of the Province of Soria. They were a people who inhabited the peninsula during the last centuries BC and Numantia was an Iron Age hill fort, an oppidum, which they inhabited near Soria. The Romans besieged the fort but the Numantians burnt it rather than surrender the town, and many committed suicide. The tribe had finally been subjugated by the Romans.

Jar from Numancia
Jar from Numancia


As always, exploring is tiring, especially when you are a recovering invalid so we sat down…

His and hers
Shared, sort of!

And that brought to a close our visit to Soria – time to move on again.

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