Evenings in Burgos

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Evenings in Burgos were unforgettable because of the view from our AirBnB. We looked out on the Cathedral and it was just magical. It felt rather unreal to sit peacefully and look out on to something so very beautiful. The previous three years had been so difficult.

Evening concert

People milled around in the street below our flat in the Calle SombrererĂ­a every evening. And for three evenings we were treated to some wonderful music as well. A young Ukrainian man treated us to an endless stream of classical music, and when he needed a break his young brother took over and played brilliant jazz. I passed on my email but we have heard nothing further.

Crowds walking in the Calle de Sombrereria, besides the cloister of the cathedral

San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is a narrow little street off the Plaza Mayor with side-by-side bars selling a wide range of tapas and raciones. People filled the street with noise almost all day and at night it was crammed!

Statue outside the church of San Lorenzo, in the Calle San Lorenzo

We tried out Pancho’s extremely good calamares one lunchtime – delicious.

Plazas at night

Plaza Mayor

The Catholic monarchs received Christopher Columbus in the Casa del Cordon when he returned from his second journey to the Americas. The mansion was created by Simon de Colonia whose work is in the cathedral and San Nicolas.

Plaza del Liberdad and the Casa del Cordon

The Spanish still eat very late at night – 10.00pm is a common time to start dinner – and so the streets are always busy. Evenings in Burgos are lively, with people walking or drinking before dinner, or walking to dinner, or going home around midnight or later.

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  1. Rodney Preece

    Dear Candy, Wonderful. One can almost feel the balmy warmth. Glad you are both enjoying your holiday – its obvious. What an experience. Our love to both, Rodney

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