Corners in Burgos

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Walking in the old city and finding corners in Burgos was one of the pleasures of the week spent in the town.


Burgos is on the camino and there was a steady stream of pilgrims entering, or leaving the city, or queuing for accommodation.

Street scenes

There is always something to notice or enjoy, day or night!

A corner in Burgos
New mural
Statue on a corner in Burgos
One of the many statues in the city
The Plaza Mayor in the early evening

Shop windows

‘Ordinary’ shops are plentiful in the old city; food shops, patisseries, bakeries, and lovely boutiques.

Little corners

You just have to stop, and look – there is always something to see.

Plaza de Alana Adentro – where wheat was once sold – with the cathedral in the background

The Walls

Burgos was a Mediaeval walled city and there are still several places where you can find walls, or gates into the city.

There are endless corners in Burgos – you can explore to your heart’s content!

8 Responses

  1. Eunice

    The triangle square looks like a very pleasant place for a coffee and I love the look of the church interior 🙂

  2. wetanddustyroads

    I’m popping in quickly – saw your post on Jo’s blog for Monday walk. And when I saw Burgos, I just had to have a look … your photos are such a wonderful reminder of our time there while walking the Camino Frances. You have captured it beautifully! Regards, Corna (South Africa)

    • Candy Blackham

      Well Corna, thank you, but South Africa also has some wonderful corners. There are some posts on the blog site. I am always torn between SA and Europe but in the end it is Europe which is endlessly fascinating, and holiday accommodation is better and less expensive than in SA, particularly in France!

  3. restlessjo

    I feel like I just did, Candy. What a beautiful walkthrough of the city! The buildings are solid in such a Spanish way.. I love it!

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