Parks in Lugo in Spain

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There are several parks in Lugo as well as gardens and green spaces but I only spent three days in the town and so time for exploring was very limited. Nevertheless I managed to visit a few parks in Lugo.

The Park of Rosalia Castro

The Park of Rosalia Castro is outside the Roman walls, towards the river. This is the main park in Lugo and opened in 1925. I wandered through the park but clearly I needed to be more thorough as there are several facilities which I didn’t see! This is a very big park, 23 acres, and well used by the local people.

Parks in Lugo
Fountain in the Rosalia Castro Park
Rosalia Castro Park in Lugo
Open space in the middle of the park
Parks in Lugo
Bandstand in the Rosalia Castro Park in Lugo

The Garden of San Roque

The Church of San Roque is outside the Roman Walls of Lugo and close to our AirBnB. At the side of the church there is a little garden, a green space surrounded by busy main roads. As always, when I walk into these spaces I feel calmer.

Park of San Roque
Park of San Roque

Praza Maior

In the old town the Praza Maior is a wide open space with trees and flower beds. It is quite a formal area but there are plenty of benches for sitting and watching the world go by, or just relaxing in the shade in hot weather. In Roman times this area was an amphitheatre; today it is the largest square inside the walls. Here in Lugo the main square is much more of a garden square than I found in Leon.

Praza Maior in Lugo
Watching the world go by

Open spaces inside the walls

As I walked round the walls I notice quite a few empty green spaces inside the walls. Apparently it took a long time for the city to expand beyond the walls and until then there were farms and market gardens in the walled city.

Empty space inside the Roman Walls of Lugo

Other parks in Lugo

Parque San Xillao, Parque Orquidea, Parque de Paradai, Parque Milagrosa, Parque Marcos Cela – these are just a few of the additional parks and green spaces in Lugo! I definitely need to return to see some of these parks in Lugo!

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