Enjoying food in Leon

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We stayed in an AirBnB in Léon and after a day’s walking were too tired to go out for dinner. This didn’t stop us from enjoying food in Leon, particularly as we also wanted to eat rather earlier than the … Continued

Romanesque Monasteries near Leon

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We were based in Léon and wanted a day out of the city so visited several remarkable Romanesque Monasteries near Leon. It was a wonderful day trip of c. 90 kms on easy roads. I wrote individual posts about the … Continued

New & Old in Leon

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I loved walking in the streets of the old city of Léon but I also wanted to see some of the contemporary architecture. Sadly the Museum of Contemporary Art was closed for renovation but we could at least enjoy the … Continued

The Monastery of San Pedro de Eslonza

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It had been a wonderful day visiting extraordinary monasteries in the countryside around Léon. As we were driving back I noticed a sign showing an historical site. In a spur of the moment decision I pulled off the road to … Continued

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